Housewarming Party: Before Moving in OR After Moving in?

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Apart from the stress of moving into a new home, the very next thing that brings stress to the homeowners is the housewarming party. The questions like when to throw a housewarming party? Who to invite? How to plan? Should gifts be allowed? How to create a registry? These all are valid questions but I am here to give you answers for the first one and that too in detail.

Well, there can only be 2 timings for throwing a housewarming party- before or after moving in and I’m here to help you decide which one suits you better.

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Housewarming Party before moving in VS Housewarming Party After Moving In

Top 4 Reasons to Throw Housewarming Party Before Moving in

Many people believe that a housewarming party can only be thrown after you have moved in. Let me break this myth and tell you how a housewarming party- before moving in can be planned. But before that let’s look into some of the reasons for throwing a housewarming party before moving in.

Fatigue after moving in

We all know how stressful it can be to move into a new house. The unpacking and settling in can cause you great fatigue and it’s difficult to throw a good housewarming party if you’re not energized enough. A Housewarming party should always be organized as a means for having fun and showing the new house to your friends. But by this time, it might seem like another task on your checklist. Now this, will lead to no fun.

The newness of the house

If a long time has passed after your moving in ritual, then the house can no longer be called new and the point of throwing a housewarming party after that will not make any sense. The house will lose its new glow by that time. I am sure your friends would love to see the original house before you make any changes or before its newness fades away. As a result, throwing a housewarming party before moving in seems like a really good option.

Time is taken to get fully unpacked

We all know that unpacking is not a simple task. Those who believe that they can unpack everything quickly and then throw a housewarming party realize this after they start unpacking. It can take you a long time to get settled in your new house and by that time, maybe throwing a housewarming party will seem invalid.

Planning for re-decorating your new house

If you plan to throw a housewarming party before moving in then you will have all the time in the world to re-decorating your new house. I believe that any new house owner is always eager to decorate their house how they’ve always wanted it. This requires a lot of time and several re-decorating ideas. If you put yourself in a time boundary for re-decorating your house then, in the end, you might make the changes in a hurry and will never be satisfied with the results.

PROS: Throwing Housewarming Before Moving in

  • The guests will be able to see the original house before you start re-decorating it.
  • You will not be tired after moving in if you throw a housewarming before moving in.
  • Instead of looking like another task on the checklist, a housewarming party before moving in will be really fun as you will be enthusiastic to show the new house to your friends.
  • It will be better to throw a housewarming party before moving in because you will not have to deal with the stress of unpacking and you can take all the time you want to re-decorate your new house.

CONS: Throwing Housewarming Party Before Moving In

  • It always feels more fulfilling to party after the work has been done. Throwing a housewarming before moving in will result in partying first and then getting introduced to the stress of moving in.
  • You will not be able to share your re-decorating taste with your friends if you throw the party before even completing it.

Checklist of Tasks to keep in Mind While Throwing Housewarming Party Before Moving in

  • Make a guest list and send out invitations.
  • Keep track of the people who have RSVP’d so the preparations can be made accordingly.
  • Create a housewarming registry by choosing practical and sensible gifts
  • Prepare the list for all the food items you have to make.
  • Arrange for the necessary furniture like a table, some chairs, a couch for enough seating space.
  • Make sure to have enough dishes for the guests to arrange for paper plates and cups.
  • Also, make sure that the washroom is cleaned properly for usage and all the necessary items should be available there.

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Top 4 Reasons to Throw Housewarming Party After Moving in

Even though planning a party is the last thing you would like to hear about after unpacking but a housewarming party is a good way to show the new house to your friends and family as well as to meet your new neighbors. It is best to arrange a housewarming party within 6 months of your moving in. This will give you a considerable amount of time to unpack and settle in. 

Let me take you through some of the reasons why you should have a housewarming party after moving in.

Having fun after completing the work

Even if you don’t realize it, unpacking is a very difficult task. It requires a lot of work and a good amount of time. 

Once you have completed all the work, a housewarming party will be a good way to spend some time with your family and friends. Their appraisal for your hard work of so many days will also make you feel happy and energized once again.

Introducing your friends to a brand-new house

Why leave a chance to show off your Interior décor skills to your friends and family members? Throwing a housewarming after moving in will make sure to do the show-off for you. 

Buying a new house means getting a brand-new opportunity for re-decorating it as per your liking. You can get some new and trending furniture, choose a theme for the living room along with a lot of things. 

The choice is all yours. After the complete renovation has been done, you can organize a housewarming party for everyone and introduce them to your very new home. They will be able to see everything you have worked so hard for.

House tour

What is the meaning of a housewarming party if you are not able to give your guests a house tour? 

Throwing a housewarming party after moving in will let you do this job with a marvelous response from the guests. You will not only be able to show your new house but also the home you have made out of it after moving in. It will be a delightful experience.

Highly convenient to organize

Once you have completely moved in and unpacked even the last remaining box of your belongings, then comes the thrill of planning a housewarming party. 

Planning a housewarming after moving will surely be more convenient in all aspects. You will already have all the essentials required for the party. The seating area, the dining area, the washroom, everything will already be properly arranged. There will be no need for extra set-up and you can solely focus on planning the party for your guests to make it fun.

PROS: Throwing Housewarming After Moving In

  • Throwing a housewarming after moving in will result in a delightful gathering to relieve all the stress of unpacking.
  • The house tour will be way better.
  • The housewarming party will be much easier and convenient to organize if you have all the essential requirements already fulfilled in your house.
  • Your friends can be introduced to a newly furnished house with all the renovation already complete.

CONS: Throwing Housewarming Party After Moving In

  • If the renovation gets delayed, the party will get delayed as well so we need to make sure both these tasks fit in with your devised schedule.
  • It’s possible that you will be extremely tired after moving in and this could prove to be a disadvantage when it comes to planning a housewarming party immediately after settling in.

Checklist of Tasks to keep in Mind While Throwing Housewarming Party After Moving in

  • Make a guest list and send out invitations (Use these Housewarming invitation wording)
  • Keep track of the people who have RSVP’d and make the preparations accordingly.
  • Prepare a menu including starters or dinner for the housewarming party as per your choice.
  • Make sure everything is unpacked and no remaining boxes are lurking around here and there in your house.
  • Make sure to do the last day’s cleaning before the party.
  • Plan some games to play or topics to discuss to engage your guests.
  • Keep a task of choosing gifts for a housewarming registry

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For anyone who wants to take their time planning the redecoration and renovation of their new house, throwing a housewarming before moving in would be a better idea. You will be able to take your time in unpacking and embracing all the changes you will experience while moving in. Since you will not be having any time limit, you can unpack at whatever pace you like. Now I am not asking you to be utterly lazy but I am just telling you that no one will bug you regarding the last box of unpacking if you decide to delay it.

For the people who love partying after a stressful event, I’d say throwing a housewarming after moving in would be a better idea. You can do the unpacking quickly and then decide to plan a party of your choice. You will be able to plan a good one very thoroughly. You can decide on some themes, include various new ideas and invite as many people as you like, including your new neighbors. Let’s not forget about the show-off regarding your interior décor skills to your guests.

Let me summarize all the points in this article which will help you in making a better decision.

PointsBefore Moving InAfter Moving In
Fatigue levelSince you would not have moved in until now, you will not be tired and can easily plan the party.Undoubtedly, you will be immensely tired to plan a party after moving in.
House RenovationYou can take your time for planning the renovation of your new house.You will have to quickly renovate your house otherwise there would be no point in throwing a housewarming party.
House TourIf you don’t have a fully furnished house, it might be possible that it will lead to a dull house tour.The house tour will be fantastic since you would have already moved into a fully furnished house.
ConvenienceIt might be difficult to set up all the required furniture and washroom essentials.All the essentials will already be there once you have completely moved in.
Time LimitYou will have no time limit.It is better to throw a housewarming party within 6 months of moving in.
Housewarming Before Moving In vs Housewarming After Moving In – The Comparison

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How long after moving do you have a housewarming party?

After moving in, the housewarming must be organized within 6 months. Else the new home will not be new anymore and there would be no sense of throwing a party.

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