Throw a Housewarming with No Furniture: A Good Idea or Not?

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A housewarming party is something everyone looks forward to when they buy a new house. It doesn’t matter if you have finished unpacking or have not even started yet, if you have moved into your new house or haven’t,  you know that your mind is already occupied with all the planning for your housewarming party.

If you, my friend, think that a housewarming party involves a lot of planning and organizing then yes it does but when all these things are done in the right way, actually throwing one turns into a lot of fun.

Instead of making your housewarming party an over-budget event, try turning it into a project that you will enjoy completing.

There can be a lot of challenges when it comes to planning a housewarming party. But the most hectic of them all is to throw a housewarming with no furniture.

Now, don’t get scared. This is what I am here to help you with. In this article, we will talk about all the hacks and tips for throwing a housewarming party without furniture.

It is especially for those people who have not yet moved into their new home or have decided to unpack later in order to do less cleaning after the party.

Should you throw a housewarming with no furniture

should you throw a housewarming without furniture or not

This is a decisive question that needs to be answered before you even start planning your housewarming party. Is it going to be with or without furniture? 

I can help you out by giving you some scenarios where a housewarming party without furniture would seem more appropriate. Although there is no compulsion, this is entirely your choice.

  • Let’s just say that you have bought a new home but your guest list is way more than the amount of space you have for throwing a housewarming party. In this case, go for the option of planning a housewarming with no furniture. In this way, you will be able to accommodate everyone on your guest list without any problem.
  • What if you want to throw a housewarming party without moving into your new home? Well, you won’t be having any furniture in your new house yet and it’s better to leave it that way. Plan a party with absolutely no furniture. Invite more people and I am sure it will still be a blast. This might sound a bit hectic or more hard-working to you but trust me, it’s not as hard as it sounds. On the other hand, throwing a housewarming party before moving in is going trendy nowadays. This means that once the party is over, you will have all the time in the world for decorating your new house. 
  • In case you plan to replace all your old furniture with a new one before moving into your recently bought house, throwing a housewarming party without furniture would be an extremely nice idea. I can completely understand if you have an image of redecorating your whole house with brand new furniture and you need a lot of time in doing so. It’s not selfish, it’s just how things are done with fewer resources.

When not to throw a housewarming party with no furniture

Even though throwing a housewarming party with absolutely no furniture seems like a good opportunity for a very unique and creative gathering, it might not just be for everyone. Let me take you through some of the scenarios where it will not be a good idea to host a party without furniture.

  • If you are in your 20’s or early 30’s, you can easily throw a housewarming party with no furniture but beyond that age, it would not seem age-appropriate for your guests. Answer me this. Have you ever seen people in their 40’s having a great time sitting on the floor or on some uncomfortable furniture. I don’t think so. Hence, this might not be a really good idea for you.
  • Please check your guest list and make sure that there is no one with a health condition that will make it difficult for them to stand for a long time or to sit on the floor. If your guest list has no such person, feel free to throw a housewarming with no furniture but if it does, this might not be a very good idea for you.

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How to throw a housewarming party without furniture

Since we have discussed some scenarios, where throwing a housewarming with no furniture would seem ideal, we need to come to an even more important topic. That is, how to throw a housewarming party without furniture. 

I am sure that by now, your mind will already be flowing with a lot of questions like how would you arrange a party without any furniture? How would you arrange some furniture if required? Don’t worry. This is what I am here to help you with.  

In this part of the article, I am going to give you some planning hacks which will help you to throw a successful housewarming party.

  • Send out your housewarming party invitations in a way that everyone already knows beforehand what to expect from the party. Use some funny and catchy but comfortable and fun phrases so your guests know exactly what they will be greeted to at the party. A good and polite invitation makes a lot of difference while planning a housewarming party. It is exactly what makes the guests decide if they will be attending your party or not. Now, don’t freak out. Have a calm and open mind and I am sure you will do a great job.
  • If you have bought a house with a backyard and the weather is really nice, you can always throw a backyard housewarming party and there will automatically be no need for furniture. This will make your party unique and I am sure the change of environment will make your guests have a really amazing time.
  • Arrange for a cozy gathering on the floor. Now, this might sound a bit weird to some people but it’s an amazing idea for throwing a housewarming with no furniture. Think about it. You will have all the pillows and sitting mattresses arranged in a circle and everyone will be able to sit together. It will be an amazing opportunity for your friends to meet your other guests and vice versa. Undoubtedly, your housewarming party will be very unique and creative.
  • Decide upon a party theme that would be appropriate for a housewarming and also with no furniture. How about a ‘Bring your own pillow party’ or a ‘Comfortably dressed in home clothes party’? These themes are interesting to think about and can really give your guests a lot to talk about. I am sure it will turn your event into a huge success without any doubt.
  • If you don’t plan on having a party with strictly no furniture, then you can buy or rent some small tables so that you can arrange the food and give your guests some area to keep their drinks. You can also get a few folding chairs and decorate them as sitting corners for your housewarming party. This will be good if you have less space or no furniture. As a result, renting is a way better option than buying a new one.
  • What if you used all the available space in your house quite efficiently? How about using the kitchen countertops as a bar counter for serving drinks? You can also use the living room floor as a sitting area with comfortable pillows and twister boards.
  • Plan some amazing and unique games for your housewarming party that seeing no furniture would be the last thing on your guest’s mind. You can have a dance battle or a ping pong game if it’s just your close friends on the guest list. This will undoubtedly make your party really fun and everyone will talk about it for years. 
  • What is really trendy right now is arranging photo booths and cozy corners at your party. Decide a pajama party theme so that everyone is dressed comfortably. Arrange some rugs and throw pillows on the floor for comfortable seating. You can also make blanket forts and decorate them with fairy lights to make it a nice attraction. It will also be a great idea to have some low tables for drinks and food. I am pretty sure that this will turn your housewarming party into a really amazing event.

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Try to use all the above-mentioned tips if you plan on throwing a housewarming party without furniture. I have no doubt that you will be able to throw an amazing party with lots of planning and fun.

Although it might scare you that a housewarming party needs a lot of planning, in reality, it is really great for a lot of reasons. It means a gathering of all your friends, family, and even all your new neighbors. It is a great chance for everyone to get to know each other and have a wonderful time. You will be able to share all your celebrations and the joy of buying your dream house with all your loved ones. Furniture or no furniture, you can make your housewarming a marvelous event and a huge success. I wish you all the very best in planning it.

To be really honest, planning a housewarming party can be a really difficult task if not done in the right way. It can be extremely exhausting after you have moved into your new house. It’s all about hacks and helpful friends and supportive guests that will make your party a huge success.

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