6 quality (free) sites to help you create housewarming registry

In this article, we are going to compare the top 6 housewarming registry websites. Make sure to read the full review to find which registry suits your requirement.

6 websites for creating housewarming registry

To avoid unwanted gifts at a housewarming party, people nowadays are taking the help of gift registry websites to ask guest’s bring only those items as a gift that they may need for a new home.

Making a registry has never been easier than it is today. Now you can create and share the gift registry with the guests with a single click through online registry websites.

The only problem has come in our way that when we google out to find the best place to register for housewarming, there are a lot of websites appearing in the results.

It is tough to compare each option one by one and to choose the best housewarming registry website we should always keep these factors in mind:

  • Universal registry facility
  • App and in-store registry creation facility
  • Registry completion discount
  • Cash gift fund
  • Free service
  • Group gifting

The next question might be popping in your head:

Where to register for a housewarming?

On the internet, there are multiple places to create a housewarming registry. However, you can create a registry in your mobile notepad and simply share it with the guests over Whatsapp. But still, the best and reliable way to create a registry is to use those online websites whose physical stores also existed in your city. So that if there is an issue that comes up regarding delivery time, guests can complete the transaction by visiting the store itself.

The list of best places for housewarming registry are as follows:
1. Myregistry.com
2. BedBathandBeyond.com
3. Target.com
4. Crate and Barrel
5. Potterybarn.com
6. Walmart.com

Spoiler alert: If you are in a rush and don’t have time to go through a full review of housewarming websites. I would like to declare the winner is Myregistry.com

Just navigate to Myregistry.com and create a housewarming party registry for free in 2 minutes


Let’s the comparison begin…

Housewarming registry with “Myregistry.com”

There are chances that you may have heard about this website before because it is one of the most popular gift registry sites in the world and has been on the market since 2005.

Not just housewarming, this site allows us to create any type of gift registry, including weddings, baby showers, graduation, etc.

Although the site has provided us with many great features, however, one of the main features of them is to enable us to add products in the registry from any store in the world.

Sites such as amazon, home depot, and whatnot don’t allow us to create a housewarming registry. Then we can have only this alternative to add gifts from amazon to our gift registry.

Myregistry is not a retail store, but it is an entirely web-based software that syncs other store registries into one centralized registry.


1. Mobile Application is available to create and manage the registry anywhere and anytime. By barcode scanner, you can instantly incorporate any product available in a physical store to your registry.

2. A Single-button gift syncing option is available. Just go to any store website and click add button from its extension (chrome)

3. The cash gift fund option is available so that guests can contribute as a group for expensive products.

4. Myregistry also allows us to add a gift from the local shop, which even doesn’t have a website.

5. The interface is easy to use. Also, they suggest gifts to add based on the occasion of your registry.

6. Apart from the products, you can add service or experience-based products in the gift registry such as airplane tickets, horse riding lessons, etc.

7. It allows you to share a registry URL and give us a print option so that you can embed a gift registry with the invitation card.

8. Easy to track the products inside a registry.


1. Although myregistry is a free tool for adding gifts and creating a registry. However, they charge you a small transaction fee (2.5%) in the case of a cash gift fund.

2. Myregistry doesn’t provide a registry completion discount directly because it is not an actual store. However, when you sync other stores’ registries, for example, bedbathandbeyond into it, you will definitely be eligible for the registry completion discount offered by that store.

How to create a housewarming registry with Myregistry.com

Housewarming registry with myregistry

In this section, you are going to learn how to create housewarming registry with myregistry.com

Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Step: Signup

    Step 1 Signup

    Open Myregistry.com and create your account.

  2. Step : Fill in event information

    Step2 Filling details such as date of housewarming event, gift delivery address, etc

    Filling details such as date of housewarming event, gift delivery address, etc.

  3. Step : Use Addtomyregistry – Extension

    Step 3 Open chrome extension and install Addtomyregistrybutton and ping it to the extension toolbar

    Open up the chrome extension and install “Addtomyregistrybutton” and ping it to the extension toolbar.

  4. Step : Open the gift store

    Step 4 Navigate to any store from where you would like to add a gift to the registry

    Navigate to any store from where you would like to add a gift to the registry.

  5. Step: Click on “addtomyregistrybutton”

    Step 5 Open up the product page and click addtomyregistrybutton and you're done.

    Open up the product page and click “addtomyregistrybutton” and you’re done.

Bottom line

Go for MyRegistry.com when you have gifts associated with multiple stores. It saves time by syncing products of all stores into one place.

Another possible reason to sign up for this website is that when you have gifts associated with the sites such as amazon, which directly doesn’t allow users to create a housewarming registry on their store.

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Video Tutorial: For users who would like to watch this tutorial in a video format.

Best Websites to create a registry for a housewarming party

Housewarming registry with “BedBathAndBeyond”

Update: BBB has suspended their gift registry program at this moment.

As you know that BBB has about 1000 stores in the whole USA, it is obvious to have a store nearby to your area and guest’s area. Also, if you are more likely a fan of BBB than amazon or Walmart then the BedBathAndBeyond registry is the only thing you need for your housewarming event.

BBB is known for its home and kitchen-related products, so it is worthy of creating a housewarming registry with its website.

BBB designed its registry by keeping the guest’s pocket in mind. Both guests and the registrant may get incentives as a perk of joining their gift registry program.


1. If we talk about gifts, BBB stores have various branded products, including Calphalon, Cuisinart, Dyson, etc. Some of the brands also offer a bonus you may get each time the guest purchase a product from these brands.

2. BBB also offers a service of gift registry consultation. If you have any problem regarding finding a product, availability you can simply book an in-store appointment. Their in-store experts will resolve your queries.

3. Price match guarantee: Saw a similar product at a lower price in other stores? Ask bedbathandbeyond; they will match it.

4. Both android and ios applications are available to manage and track the gift registry.

5. Built-in gift checklist: Confused about what to put in the housewarming registry? No problem. They already have a gift checklist on their website.

6. BedBathAndBeyond offers a 20% registry completion discount, and you have a full 1 year for returns in case some issues come up with a product.

7. Not only you, but your guests might get 20% coupons after purchasing a gift from your housewarming registry.

8. Their thankyou manager tracks gifts delivery and automatically sends thank you notes on behalf of the gift registrant.

9. A customized gift wrapping option is also available.

10. Creating a housewarming gift registry with bedbathandbeyound is totally free of cost.


1. No universal registry support. You are limited to choose only bedbathandbeyond products only.

2. No group gifting option is available.

3. The cash gifting fund option is absent.

How to create a housewarming registry with BedBathAndBeyond

Step 1: Open the site and fill up the necessary details.

Step 1 Open the site and fill up the necessary details
Housewarming registry – BedBathAndBeyond

Step 2: Now, it’s time to add gifts from either the right checklist menu or suggestions that are appearing below the interface.

Step 2 Now, it's time to add gifts from either the right checklist menu or suggestions that are appearing below
Housewarming registry – BedBathAndBeyond

Bottom Line

Go with BedBathAndBeyond housewarming registry when your gift list mainly includes items from this store itself.

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Housewarming registry with “Target.com”

Target.com is another famous chain of retail stores in the USA. Over 1800 stores are located throughout the country. Unlike bedbathandbeyound, target.com offers a universal gift registry support that makes it a robust gift registry than BedBathAndBeyond.


1. Target has an infinite number of branded products to choose from under various categories, including beauty, health, electronics, furniture, lawn & garden, appliances, etc.

2. Target housewarming registry allows us to sync products from other stores such as amazon, home depot, etc.

3. A mobile application is available to scan products from physical stores.

4. Target offers a group gifting option too so that we can include expensive items without any worries. All guests simply contribute their share into a single product instead of buying an individual gift. To qualify for a group gifting, the product should be at least $100

5. You can personalize your gift registry elements such as URL, image, and much more.

6. The registrant doesn’t need to spend a dime for creating a gift registry on target.com

7. With target.com you can also avail the benefit of the price match guarantee feature even after 14 days of the purchase.

8. Target.com also offers a two-day shipping facility on any gift which cost more than $35

9. Target.com has collaborated with honeyfund, princess cruises, uber, etc. so that guests can also contribute to these gift cards.

10. Target.com also offers a one-year gift return facility after the event.

11. The registry printout option can be accessed from a website.

12. Their easy-to-use interface helps us to track the details of the guest and product and also has a feature of automatic thanks notes.

13. You can also check out the option of the custom message on the target.com registry page, which can be utilized to enter useful information regarding events and gifts.


1. Target.com doesn’t provide any registry completion discount in the case of housewarming.

How to create a housewarming registry with target.com

Step 1: Sign up with target.com and go on the housewarming registry page.

Step 2: Fill in the details of the event

Step 2 Fill the details of the event
Housewarming registry – target.com

Step 3: Now, the main interface has appeared. Options such as add gifts, custom messages, etc. are available to use.

Step 3 Now, the main interface has appeared. Options such as add gifts, custom messages, etc. are available
Housewarming registry – target.com

Note: To use a universal registry button provided by target.com, Just navigate to add items page, scroll down to see the button, and drag it with a mouse onto the bookmark bar.

Bottom Line

Go with target.com when your list of items primarily belongs to the target retail store.

Note: Choosing a housewarming registry website is one thing. After that, you should follow the etiquette of the housewarming registry.

Here you will find the rules of housewarming registry as well as the ideas of things to add to housewarming registry

Housewarming registry with “Crate & Barrel”

Crate & Barrel or commonly known as CB2, offers customers to create a housewarming gift registry on their websites. This small chain of retail stores primarily has products related to home goods, furniture, and kitchen stuff.

You might go for the CB2 gift registry if you want gifts related to home decor.


1. CB2 offers a 15% registry completion discount. The registry can stay valid for a period of 18 months from the event date.

2. An in-store registry creation facility is available.

3. Guests receive a free shipping facility on items that cost more than 100 bucks.

4. Gift cards can be added as a gift item into the registry.

5. Users don’t need to pay anything to create a registry on their website.

6. Group gifting feature has been included in the CB2 gift registry service.

7. Thankyou manager support is available to track the gift, gift-giver, and thankyou notes.


1. Universal registry support is absent in the case of CB2

2. A mobile application is only available for ios devices.

3. No cash gift fund option is available.

How to create a housewarming registry with CB2

Bottom line

You might go for the CB2 gift registry if you want gifts related to home decor.

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Housewarming registry with “Pottery Barn”

Pottery barn is undoubtedly the alternative to the CB2 gift registry. Pottery barn consists of 180 retail stores that primarily focused on home furnishing goods such as outdoor furniture, rugs & windows, bedding, tabletop, and many more.


1. With Pottery barn, both the USA and Canadian citizens can create a housewarming registry.

2. Registrants can have an option to create a gift registry by both online websites or by visiting a physical store.

3. The pottery barn registry is not a universal gift registry. However, you can sync products from its subsidiary stores such as Williams Sonoma, West elm, and pottery barn kids by the same account.

4. A mobile application is available for instant scanning.

5. The gift card could be added to the registry.

6. The gift registry shall remain active for one year from the event date.

7. Pottery barn also offers a registry completion discount of 10%, and the refund can be available on each item for up to 6 months.

8. A group gifting option can be utilized.

9. Pottery barn also offers a tool of a thankyou tracker.

10. The registrant doesn’t require to spend any dollar when creating a registry on the pottery barn portal.


1. The gift return period (90 days) is quite less compared to other housewarming registry websites.

2. No cash gift fund option can be found.

3. Gift wrapping facility is available but at a very high cost – $6

How to create a housewarming registry with Pottery Barn?

Step 1: Sign up on the pottery barn and fill the gift registry form.

Step 1 Sign up on the pottery barn and fill the gift registry form
Housewarming registry – Pottery Barn

Step 2: After successfully filling in details, you can add items to your registry by navigating to your profile page.

Step 2 After successfully filling details, you can add items to your registry by navigating to profile page
Housewarming registry – Pottery Barn

Bottom Line

Go with Pottery barn when you are interested in including items from their site as well as their subsidiaries stores such as Williams Sonoma, West elm, and pottery barn kids.

Housewarming registry with “Walmart”

In terms of a gift registry, Walmart is way ahead of Amazon or other popular stores globally. Walmart allows us to create any event registry. The Walmart registry doesn’t support the universal registry feature. However, you may not need other stores to add items because Walmart has every product in the world.


1 Million of products are available to choose as a gift under one roof.

2. You can add items in the registry with both the website and your smartphone.

3. Gift cards such as iTunes, restaurants, etc. can be included in the registry.

4. The registry will remain active up to 2 years after the event date.

5. Walmart has also provided an option to include printed registry cards along with the invitation suite.


1. The universal registry feature is absent.

2. A cash gift fund facility cannot be found.

3. There is no registry completion discount offered by Walmart.

4. No group gifting facility is available.

 How to create a housewarming registry at Walmart?

Step 1: After login, go to this gift registry page and fill in the details, and then click on the create a registry button.

Step 1 After login, go to this gift registry page and fill the details and then click on create a registry
Housewarming registry – Walmart

Step 2: After the successful process, you will see your profile similar to this. All details can be editable.

Step 2 After the successful process, you will see your profile similar to this. All details can be editable
Housewarming registry – Walmart

Step 3: To add an item into your registry, simply just search the product using the search box, and on the product page, you will find the “add to registry” option just below the option of “add to cart.”

Step 4: Click the button and Voila; the gift will appear in your registry.

Bottom line

Go with Walmart when you are a frequent buyer of the store and also when you do not have any expensive items in the registry, which may require group contributions.


Now it is your time to tell us which housewarming gift registry website are you gonna use for your housewarming event?

I recommend myregistry.com because of its universal registry support feature. At our event, we had included items from international stores, which was only possible with myregistry website.

Still any confusion in your mind? Feel free to ask your query in the comment box.

After finalizing the registry method, learn what to put on a housewarming registry.

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Is a Housewarming Registry Tacky?

Creating a registry for housewarming can be tacky for various reasons. In the United States, the ratio of the people who believe that the housewarming registry is not tacky has been increasing day by day. Nowadays, almost every guest would bring a gift to a housewarming event. The homeowners should not feel tacky to provide a nice inexpensive gift registry to guests.

Housewarming registries are not tacky when:

– It is a first home for the new homeowner.

– When the housewarming party are treated like other important party and would include activities like drinks, food, dinner, entertainment, games, and everything which makes guests happy and entertained throughout the party time.

– When it is a combined party. Example housewarming and birthday or housewarming and baby shower.

– When everyone in your circle had created a registry at their housewarming event.

– When you aren’t telling guests about the registry unless they ask by themselves

Housewarming registries are tacky when:

– When the party timeline is small & includes only one activity: Home tour.

– When the party is conducted online.

– When the homeowner puts expensive non-household gifts. 

– When the homeowner recently threw a party in which they provide a registry to the guests. It is too much tacky as well as early to provide a registry again at the housewarming event.

How to Create a Housewarming Registry on Amazon?

A Housewarming registry on amazon can be created by third-party registry tools. Example “Myregistry.com”. By default, Amazon does not allow users to create a housewarming registry directly on their website. Amazon only supports weddings, baby showers, and birthday gift registries. With Myregistry.com, the user can easily sync amazon products and other stores’ products into the housewarming registry.

A Housewarming registry on amazon can be created by following 5 steps:

Step 1: Signup to myregistry.com
Step 2: Fill housewarming event information such as date, delivery address, etc.
Step 3: Open chrome extension store and install “myregistry” extension
Step 4: Open amazon.com and search for your desired gift
Step 5: Tap on “myregistry” extension and click on the add gift button to add an Amazon product to the Housewarming registry

Can you make a Housewarming Registry on Amazon?

No. The registrant cannot create a housewarming registry directly on amazon.com. Instead, the registrant can take advantage of external registry websites to include amazon products into their housewarming gift registry. Example myregistry.com

What is the Etiquette for a Housewarming Registry?

The registrant should follow general etiquette while creating a housewarming gift registry. By following good etiquette, a registrant could maintain a good impression on the party guests. A housewarming registry created by proper etiquette also enhances the chances of registry completion from the Guest’s ends.

Etiquette for a housewarming registry – Points to follow:

1. Don’t let guests know about your housewarming registry unless they ask first.
2. Avoid expensive gifts and keep the greediness aside.
3. Gifts that are range from $30 to $50 are appropriate.
4. The housewarming registry should be created at least 2 weeks before the event date.
5. Give the guests enough time to purchase the gift.
6. Do not include birthday party gift items. Example Mobile, Watch, etc.
7. Consider including household items in the housewarming registry
8. Use Group Gifting feature for costly products
9. Include products from Popular stores such as Walmart, Amazon, etc to avoid shipping concerns for Guest’s
10. Avoid Heavy or Large Gifts. Example Almirah, Racks.
11. Include easy to carry gift items in the housewarming registry.

Does Wayfair have a housewarming registry?

No. However, Wayfair has a separate page dedicated to housewarming registry gifts from which you can add products to the house warming registry created through the MyRegistry – a registry creation tool. To find housewarming registry dedicated products, simply open up google and search Wayfair housewarming registry and click on a first search result.

Does amazon have a housewarming registry?

No, the Housewarming registry is not available in the amazon gift registries list. Amazon only provides a birthday, wedding, and baby registry.

Does Walmart have a Housewarming Registry?

Walmart.com supports the housewarming registry and provides a quick and easy way for users to set up the housewarming registry. At Walmart, the housewarming registry can be created in 5 simple steps:

Step 1: Sign up or log in to Walmart.com.
Step 2: Navigate to the Walmart gift registry page and select Housewarming under the event column.
Step 3: Tap on the create a registry button.
Step 4: Search for any product on Walmart.
Step 5: On the product page, click on the “add to registry” button to put up the product into your Housewarming registry

How to provide a housewarming registry link without being rude?

“Mention only housewarming registry when someone asks directly” – The only way to tell guests about the housewarming registry in a polite manner. Putting up the registry link along with the invitation is fine at a wedding, but it is rude in the case of a housewarming. People have been slowly adapting the housewarming registry which is why it is a higher chance that guests will ask you about the registry by themselves.

Do you make a registry for a housewarming party?

Homeowners should make a housewarming registry when they are planning to throw a decent party full of activities such as food, dinner, games, bar, etc. One should not make a registry if the housewarming party is going to conduct online or only have a home tour activity.

What should I put on my housewarming registry?

You can find the complete list of items to put on a housewarming registry at this link.

How to ask for a housewarming gift?

The best way to ask for a housewarming gift is by using a gift registry. However, you should never share gift registries directly with the guests.

Can you register for housewarming gifts?

Yes. Register for housewarming avoids unwanted and unnecessary gifts. With the help of a gift registry, you can request guests for sensible gifts that you actually need for the new home. This is the main reason for registering for housewarming gifts. In the united states, housewarming registries are accepted by the guests and almost 9 out of 10 new homeowners chose to go with the registry.

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