What Exactly Constitutes Housewarming Party Outfit

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What to wear to a housewarming party?

What to wear to a housewarming party?

Housewarming party outfit selection is a confusing decision to make. Factors such as event time, weather, party theme, guests, and culture play a major role in finalizing the housewarming outfit. When the housewarming party theme is cocktail consider wearing evening dresses, v-neck dresses, and a one-piece outfit. In BBQ theme-based housewarming wear gingham pattern attire, Maxi dresses, and wide skirt outfit. In a dinner housewarming wear lace dresses, knee-length attire, sheath dresses, knit sweater, and leather skirt.

In this post, whether you’re a guest or housewarming party host you will get all your answers related to a housewarming party dress.

Consider this article as a housewarming outfit guide for both party hosts and guests.

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Because of the myth or assumption that housewarming is a kind of short-duration event, people generally face problems figuring out a decent dress. Selecting a perfect outfit for any party, not just for housewarming is confusing and frustrating. Especially for ladies, right?

But now no more trouble, as per the people’s opinions and thoughts for the housewarming attire on Reddit and Quora, we have decided to present all of the information in this article.

Based on people thoughts and our research, we will not only help you in figuring out the type of dress but also present you with some handpicked housewarming outfits, accessories, and finally styling tips to dress up for party host

Currently, we have only shared our thoughts on female attire, but stay tuned! We will update the content about Men housewarming outfit soon.

Just stick with us till the end:

Note: If you are really in a rush, no problem just follow the housewarming outfit chart mentioned in the above picture and make a quick decision for your housewarming apparel.

OR you can check the outfit images directly on our housewarming dresses Pinterest board.

Always remember to acknowledge guests about the housewarming attire through the invitation cards. Don’t forget this even if you do not plan a dress code.

The best dresses for a housewarming party  is waiting for you in the last section

8 Factors which helps you to decide a Housewarming Party Outfit

Theme/Type or Nature of Housewarming Event

Are you planning to throw a formal housewarming? OR, Is it a mix up of cocktail and housewarming party? Or something different. Well you should plan your attire based on the party ambiance

1.1 What is the preferred outfit for a cocktail housewarming party?

So you’re planning to throw a cocktail mix housewarming, right? Amazing! Cocktail parties as you know the popularized event in the USA since the 19th century. Most folks are likely to throw such events either in the late afternoon or at night. (4-6 PM)

Dress Code for cocktail housewarming parties varies from situation to situation such as event time, season, the type of people you are supposed to invite, and whatnot.

Also, in the case of cocktail party themes, we get a little extra freedom in selecting outfits. We do not need to depend on only formal clothing/attire.

In simple words, all those attires and accessories are preferable which are likely to be worn in the parties that commence after the afternoon or late evening.

Let’s see the list of housewarming attire when the theme of the party is cocktail:

Outfits for Women’s:
  • Casual housewarming cocktail party dress: If you’re supposed to invite your friends and plan a chilling party with food and drinks. You should not dress up too much. Normal loose dresses would be fine like this: Free-flowing loose pants or pajamas, Silk tops, blouses, and Palazzo Pants Combo paired with a mid-calf length jacket. Colors may vary in day or night.
  • Two-piece jumpsuit type dresses or shiny polished dress. Make sure it is long enough down to your knees.
  • Cocktail hat (A fashionable cocktail outfit accessory)
  • V-Neck luxurious outfit.
  • Little black evening dress, plain or floral printed dress (one-piece or gown would be preferable if you can style with decent party accessories such as bracelet, earrings, jewelry, etc.
  • Formal cocktail housewarming: LBD or little black dress. (Make sure it is not too much short in length)
  • Festival holiday housewarming: When you plan to throw an event on any festive holiday such as Christmas: you can consider different colors in the dresses such as red.
  • Garden housewarming cocktail party: For the ladies who are thinking of scheduling a party in the backyard garden of the new home could have multiple options for dress, not just a black outfit. You can look out in the stores for floral pattern light-weight dresses and pair with bright and colorful accessories.
  • Summer cocktail-housewarming dress: Short bright colors dresses such as white would seem perfect. Just keep in mind to avoid plain dresses, instead choose colorful or unique patterns fabrics. And, prefer light jewelry such as silk headbands. You can also go for bright floral maxi dresses.
  • Winter housewarming outfit: In winter housewarming parties, people are likely to wear long knees dark dresses (black, navy). In extreme conditions consider a stylish warm coat that aligns with your overall look.
  • Footwear: High heels such as black or neutral in color, satin sandals (must be matched with the color of housewarming dress), bold shoes that align with a plain dress.
  • Accessories: Generally for cocktail housewarming parties, you should avoid too many accessories. A single statement piece like a bracelet, earrings, necklace, hair accessory, ring, headband, and clutch handbag.

Jump me to the last section: Where I can see cheap and luxurious housewarming costume ideas for party hosts that would be perfect for cocktail housewarming parties.

Outfits for Men’s
  • Suit up: If you are confused and aren’t able to figure out the right dress, just go for a suit with a shirt inside and a bow tie. Suits are best and blend easily in any type of theme-based housewarming party. Preferred suit colors are white, grey, navy, tan, charcoal & brown. Avoid black, as it is reserved for funerals.
  • Slim-fit blazer with formal pants or dark-colored jeans if the event is going to be more casual (only friends and family members are expected to come)
  • White plain shirt with a bow-tie and black trousers. (Flexible for activities like a dance)
  • Light-colored linen suits and blazer for summer or day time housewarming event
  • A party shirt with a nice pair of your favorite jeans, and then sneakers for footwear.
  • Avoid polo-shirts or casual daily wear t-shirts with jeans.
  • Printed Peter England check shirts.
  • For summers any bright color shirt with a pair of formal pants would be considered as a good housewarming attire.
  • Footwear: Matched colored leather shoes with a suit. Avoid sneakers on the suit, but can be worn on check shirts and pants. (Loafers or sneakers would only be recommended when you invited some of the close friends and family members, avoid when your office colleagues would be supposed to come)
Do’s and Don’ts of cocktail-housewarming party attire
  • Hey Ladies, don’t wear anything flashy or transparent or see-through type dresses. It only attracts unwanted attention.
  • Avoid 19th century-long gowns, unless your party theme is vintage.
  • Prefer clutch bags over large bags
  • Avoid flip-flops for footwear at any cost.
  • Avoid multiple accessories/ jewelry. A single piece of accessory would be enough to enhance the look or stand out from the crowd. Example a necklace or hand bracelet.
  • Make sure your undergarments including Bra are not visible.
  • Necklines and Hemlines should be appropriate
  • Prefer sleek and narrow trousers
  • Make sure the dress should be well dry cleaned and iron. Avoid wrinkled dress

1.2 What is the preferred outfit for a BBQ housewarming party?

Do you want every guest you invite to your housewarming event? Then mention your party theme to BBQ on the invitation card. I bet nobody will resist or make any excuse to not come over to the party. Needless to say, but the smell of smoking meat could attract guests driving miles away from your new house.

As we all know that BBQ housewarming events usually occur in the backyard of the new house. It is good to avoid heavy outfits or formal attire in a summer outdoor BBQ housewarming.

Let’s see what kind of clothes would be better for a BBQ housewarming:

Outfits for Women’s

In a situation where family members, office colleagues are supposed to attend the housewarming party:

  • Colorful fabric,
  • Floral frock dresses and put up a west if it is winter’s housewarming,
  • Gingham fabric dresses,
  • Capris/Cropped pants,
  • Polka dotted top and jeans or two-piece polka pattern dress,
  • Ankle length jeans and your favorite colored top,
  • Mixed pattern top,
  • Playsuits for teenage girls,
  • Casual overalls,
  • Peaches Midi dresses,
  • Half sleeve Jumpsuits,
  • Wide skirt and top (appropriate for all body shapes),
  • Knee-length dresses with a leather jacket (winters),
  • Printed sweatshirts and jeans combo,
  • Knee-length Maxi dress and high heels,
  • Sweater and slim jeans (winters),
  • Pretty sundress,
  • Linen top and jeans

In a situation when you have a pool alongside BBQ and cocktails in your backyard and you’re likely to celebrate housewarming with your friends:

  • Beach kaftan,
  • Miniskirt and cropped tee combo (when it’s really hot at your new home backyard),
  • Wide leg sleeveless jumpsuits,
  • Tulip dresses,
  • Denim shorts/capris,
  • Shoulder off maxi outfit


  • Strappy heel with Gingham Pattern outfit
  • Summer mules heels
  • Ankle wrap block heels and two-piece dress combo
  • Sneakers or loafers with jeans or skirts.
  • Flat Sandals with Capri & Jeans
  • Strappy wedges sandals with a maxi dress
  • Kork-Ease Heeled sandals
  • Buckle flat shoes would look decent with all kinds of outfits including jeans, skirts, one-piece dresses, etc.
  • Braided sandals with jeans and shorts.
  • Tulip dress with Slides
  • Jumpsuit with leather slippers
  • Denim with metal flip flops

Jump me to the section: where I can see some of the decent outfits for BBQ housewarming events.

Outfits for Men’s

When we talk about men getups, the process of finding stylish attire is simple and hassle-free. Let’s see Men’s outfit ideas for a BBQ housewarming party:

  • Linen Prints: Avoid formals, instead go for something casual & bright like printed shirts. Under prints, choose a pattern that is simple like Hawaiian prints.
  • Polos shirts with a contrasting pair of trousers or chinos shorts.
  • Avoid jeans
  • A summer blazer
  • Sunglasses and hat are the only accessories, a gentleman could want for a backyard housewarming party
  • Footwears: Adjustable sandals, suede penny loafers, and boat shoes.

1.3 What is the preferred outfit for a Tea housewarming party?

For housewarming, a tea-based theme party is one of the best ideas when your guest list is small and you haven’t planned out much for the event. Usually, a Tea party doesn’t last long and would be a perfect option when you just want to introduce your new home to your guests.

And when we talk about outfits for tea-based housewarming parties, don’t get confused just follow the list below. Just remember one thing, avoid a complete formal look and over a short dress. Instead, go for a smart-casual look.

Outfits for Women’s
  • Floral pattern sundresses.
  • High neckline dresses.
  • A branded suit.
  • Premium trousers with an oxford shirt, or with a flowy blouse or with the top (or prefer sweater in winters)
  • A cropped sweater set with a skirt would be appropriate for all ages at a housewarming event (knee-length or longer one)
  • For winters, a soft knit shawl can add an amazing touch to any outfit. You can also go for a fitted blazer.
  • Only choose dresses that lie between the knee and the ankle-length.
  • Avoid seeing through dresses.
  • Footwears: High heels

Jump me to the section, where I can see the outfit ideas for the tea housewarming event.

Outfits for Men’s
  • Bright colored shirt and paired with a suit.
  • Collared shirt with trousers
  • Prefer Blazer over Jackets
  • Kurta and Pajama (for Indian housewarming)
  • Footwear: Brogues

1.4 What is the preferred outfit for a Dinner housewarming party?

Dinner parties are the best way to show some classic and luxurious outfits of yours to the guests over the dining table. They would compliment not just food, but also the attire in-front of everyone.

Outfits for Women’s
  • Floral Cardigan, Cropped Jeans, and strappy sandals
  • Flowy lace dress
  • Knee-length pattern dresses
  • Knit sweater & leather skirt
  • Dirndl (a german dress) and
  • Indian saree or suit
  • LBD & High heels
  • V-Neck Pencil dresses
  • Velvet Pants
  • Boatneck Tops
  • Long sheath dresses

Jump me to the section: Where I can see amazing outfits for a dinner housewarming party

Outfits for Men’s
  • Tuxedo, black bow-tie, and white shirt inside
  • Chinos or trousers with a Peter England check shirt (Casual dinner party)
  • Polo T-shirt and dark jeans combo (Casual dinner party)
  • Prefer neutral colors

1.5 What is the preferred outfit for a Night housewarming party?

At night mostly people like to throw a mixup of cocktail parties which may or may not include a dance activity. If the event includes similar things go for dresses mentioned at the cocktail housewarming section. Else check out the dresses mentioned under the dinner outfit section

Indian Culture and tradition to be followed as a housewarming party outfit

Folks living in India should relate to this section. As Indians believe when someone buys something new or gives a new start to life, it’s a matter of blessing and auspiciousness. For such occasions, Indians have a unique traditional attire in their wardrobe.

If you are a fan of patterns and colorful fabrics, then Indian attire would be a perfect choice for the housewarming ceremony.

If you are a Non-Indian, still you must look at the Indian outfits, because whether you are female or male, you will see a lot of varieties and unique attire which makes you stand out as a host from the crowd in the housewarming function.

Also, if you belong to a different country, you should wear outfits based on your tradition and culture.

Women’s Dress for Housewarming Party in India

  • Silk Embroidered Saree
  • Suits & Anarkali
  • Bandhani Kurtas
  • Sharara set
  • Footwear: Your favorite heels

Why don’t you take a look at selective Indian housewarming outfits which are filled with ethnicity and modernism?

Men’s Attire – Indian Tradition Look

  • Kurta & Pajama with a decent watch on the wrist
  • Dhoti-Kurta
  • Footwear: Mojaris

Types of People Invited at a Housewarming Party

Almost 90% of the time, you pick your outfit based on the type of people you would meet at the event.

For example:

If your business partners, family members, and relatives are supposed to come, then you don’t like to wear flashy and small dresses. Instead, you can pick such dresses when you invite only close friends and plan to host a casual house party.

The Weather could be a Major Factor in deciding a housewarming party dress

Even the length of the dress depends on the climate, you would never like to wear a shorter dress than a Mid-calf length at a winter’s housewarming party.

Just like that, you never want to wear ground-touching dresses when the housewarming is going to be held in the garden of your house and you forget to arrange a carpet to protect your dress from garden grass and dust.

Housewarming Party Dress code – Decided by Host

The first thing a guest should check for the outfit type is the invitation card. Nowadays, not just housewarming, A party host always mentions the dress code in the invitation card regardless of the nature of the party.

If by chance, the host forgets to mention, you should ask him before the party.

Location of the Housewarming Event

Dresses for outdoor/Garden/Roof housewarming should differ from indoor housewarming. Avoid heavy outfits in summer and when the party is going to be conducted in the garden or roof.

Age also matters

Age is the only factor that clearly impacts your decision of a housewarming outfit. A married woman would never like to wear an outfit that reflects a teenager’s personality or the lady who is living in her 70’s or 80’s.

Consider what guest will wear at the party

Being a party host, it is a very important factor to keep in mind while deciding your outfit. You know your guests well. Their taste, financial situation, and everything. So it would be worse if you wear a luxurious dress and they couldn’t afford one.

Tips to keep in mind regarding housewarming outfit when you attending the party as a Guest

  • Don’t wear anything without discussing it with a party host. If the party host forgets to mention on an invitation card, you should either ask her or another guest who is also supposed to attend the party.
  • Say strict no to unironed or wrinkled clothes.
  • At a party, you never want that all of your guests would only talk about your short or flashy dress right? So keep the party etiquette in a mind, because in a housewarming party not just host friends are invited but family members are present too.
  • Make sure your shoes are well polished or cleaned from the bottom sole.
  • Avoid multiple accessories. For both party hosts and guests, a single statement accessory is more than enough!
  • Excessive make doesn’t look good.
  • Avoid sleepers and flip-flops.
  • Prefer bright colored dresses in a day-light housewarming gathering.
  • Hairs should be well combed, avoid frizzy hair.
  • Prefer dark color socks only. Avoid multi colors patterned socks.

From the above sections, you get to know about which dresses to pick according to the theme of the housewarming. Now it’s time to see the actual handpicked outfits we have put on our housewarming dress list.

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Housewarming Party Dresses Ideas for Party Hostess & Female Guests

This section is dedicated to the Lady boss of the new home who is ready to host the upcoming housewarming event. We have selected a few outfits based on the party type and tried to pair them with top-notch accessories.

Doesn’t matter if you are a party host or guest, you can surely refer to these awesome housewarming party outfits.

Below you will find both luxurious and cost-friendly housewarming outfits & accessories for both the winter and summer seasons.

Housewarming Party Dress Ideas (Cocktail theme)

A Short Sleeve Casual Blouse - Housewarming party dress attire - Amazon
A Short Sleeve Casual Blouse – Amazon
Beautiful Patterned - Long Palazzo Pants - Housewarming party outfit bottom wear - Amazon
Beautiful Patterned – Long Palazzo Pants
Causal Bohemian Patterned Palazzo Pants - Housewarming party outfit bottom wear - Amazon
Causal Bohemian Patterned Palazzo pants
Mid calf velvet coat cocktail winter housewarming party outfit - Amazon
Mid calf velvet coat
Women's Summer Spaghetti Straps V Neck Floral Print Button Down Boho Midi Dress - Amazon
Women’s Summer Spaghetti Straps V Neck Floral Print Button Down Boho Midi Dress

Checkout the more awesome dresses for cocktail housewarming here.

Housewarming Party Outfit Ideas (BBQ Theme)

Floral summer BBQ housewarming party dress - amazon
Women Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Print Dresses
Floral Print Flowy Lady Party Maxi Dress - Amazon - Light blue housewarming party maxi dress
Floral Print Flowy Lady Party Maxi Dress
V Neck Half Sleeve Split Flowy Plain Party Maxi Dress - amazon
V Neck Half Sleeve Split Flowy Plain Party Maxi Dress
Lady Maxi Dress Green - amazon housewarming attire
Lady Maxi Dress Green
Women Sleeveless Deep V Neck Loose Plain Long Maxi - Teal Color
Women Sleeveless Deep V Neck Loose Plain Long Maxi – Teal Color
Sundress housewarming outfit - amazon
Women’s V Neck Floral Spaghetti Strap Summer Sundress
Sundress housewarming outfit - amazon
Women’s Sleeveless Adjustable Strappy Sundress
Sundress housewarming outfit - amazon
Women’s Summer Sundress Floral Printed
Sundress housewarming outfit - amazon
Women’s Sleeveless Sundress
Sundress housewarming outfit - amazon
Cotton Blue Casual Sundress

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Housewarming Party Dress Ideas (Tea Party Theme)

Neckline Sheath Dress - amazon - housewarming party dress
Neckline Sheath Dress
Long Dress with Mandarin Neckline Jacket - amazon
Long Dress with Mandarin Neckline Jacket
Womens Floral Printed Tunic Top - Housewarming top outfit - amazon
Womens Floral Printed Tunic Top

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Housewarming Party Outfit Ideas (Dinner Party)

Salawaar Kameez - dress for housewarming party in india - amazon
Salawaar Kameez (Indian) dress
Embroidered Sari - Indian housewarming party outfit - amazon
Embroidered Sari (Indian) dress
Short Sleeve Elegant Sheath Pencil Dress - Housewarming party dress
Short Sleeve Elegant Sheath Pencil Dress
Tommy Hilfiger Women's Hem Sheath Dress - amazon
Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Hem Sheath Dress
Duppatta - Indian outfit
Duppatta – Indian outfit
Ethnic Traditional Saree (Indian) dress
Ethnic Traditional Saree (Indian) dress

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Virtual Housewarming Outfits – Casual Printed T-shirts

homeowner 2020 t-shirt by BlockMerch
proud new homeowner t-shirt by BlockMerch
oh shit we are homeowners t-shirt by BlockMerch


We are at the end of this awesome guide.

For all housewarming party hosts: Wear something awesome, but not too dressy. Do not plan a dress code that your guests can’t afford, and please do remember to mention the housewarming attire on invitation cards.

For all Guests: Don’t worry about the luxurious outfits! Just wear something in which you feel happy and comfortable, and yes don’t forget to bring a congratulation card.

So, this is all about housewarming party outfits! Hope you like the guide.

Wanna add something valuable? Just mention in the comment section, we would be happy to include your precious thoughts.

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FAQ – Housewarming Party Outfit

What to wear on a outdoor housewarming party?

Outdoor housewarming parties usually happen at the backyard garden of the home or the rooftop. For Parties that are going to be held in the daytime go for outfits mentioned in the BBQ housewarming outfit section. And for the night event refer to the cocktail dresses section.

What to wear to an Indian Housewarming Party?

Indians believe that a housewarming is a blessing event and with the involvement of activities such as Pooja and rituals, people always like to wear traditional outfits and cultured dresses and skip the western culture outfits. The dress selection may vary for the people living in different Indian states. The common outfits for Indian housewarming are Saree, Kurti, and salwar suits.

Does a housewarming party have a dress code?

Housewarming parties do not always have a fixed dress code. Research and study find out that if the party guests only consist of close friends and a few family members then people prefer not to have a dress code. But when guest’s include your office colleagues, business partners, in-law’s then people are more likely to plan a dress code.

Does color matter in a housewarming dress?

Yes. Go for bright-colored dresses or opposite colors for top wear and bottom wear. Go for colors that express happiness, wealth, luck, and prosperity such as yellow, orange, pink, and red.

As a Housewarming Party host, would it be mandatory to follow a dress code?

No, it’s not. Do not take the dress code seriously for the housewarming event. If you are really confused, just mention in the invitation letter that guests are free to wear anything they are comfortable with.

What to wear to a Virtual Housewarming Party?

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