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Top 31 Modern and Cool Housewarming cake names

What to write on a housewarming cake?

Are you searching for a great name for housewarming cake? Then you come to the right place!

In Past all the housewarming parties I have attended, I have never found a good message on the cake.

These old boring names people are likely to use on the cake:

1. Welcome,

2. Happy New Home,

3. John Home,

4. Home sweet home,

5. New house.

Today, I am going to share 31 interesting and funny names which you might consider for your housewarming cake.

31 Modern and Cool cake wordings for the housewarming cake

cake wordings housewarming
  1. Rent ✖️ [Linebreak] EMI ✔️
  2. [Rent strikethrough] [Linebreak] EMI
  3. F#ck Landlord 🖕
  4. R.I.P Landlord 🖕
  5. Homeless [strikethrough]
  6. Tenant ✖️ [Linebreak] Owner ✔️
  7. Nonstop Parties!
  8. Home ❤️ [Linebreak] Pocket 😵
  9. Cheers 4 change!
  10. Time for Kids
  11. Finally Settled!
  12. Cheers 4 Home
  13. Life Last Goal ✔️
  14. Now Relax time
  15. Yes! to roof parties
  16. Greatest Achievement
  17. Lovely Home
  18. Money [Linebreak] Married [Linebreak] Kids [Linebreak] Home
  19. I Survived this Far!
  20. I got everything
  21. Sheltered!
  22. Cheers for unlimited space
  23. BOOM [Linebreak] New [Linebreak] Home
  24. Home is where the cake is
  25. $10000 [Linebreak] Worthwhile
  26. Settled! [Linebreak] In the end
  27. Unbreakable Home
  28. To the house birds
  29. Money [Linebreak] Married [Linebreak] Dogs [Linebreak] Home
  30. Cheer Up 4 Hut
  31. Rent ✖️ [Linebreak] Freedom ✔️

Note: Do not forget to design emoji with dripping on the cake.

How many words are sufficient on Housewarming cake?

The number of words depends on the size (width) of the cake. Usually, 2-3 words are normally seen on cakes.

Sometimes, there may be a case when we like the design of cake which is slightly small. In that situation we don’t need to drop a big name on the top of the cake; instead, we should use cake toppers.

I always recommend these lovely cake toppers to my friends.

Housewarming Cake Design: Inspiration

In this section, you will see some of the best housewarming cake ideas on the internet.

To make these design happen, either you bake the exact shape or ask a local cake maker to print these high-quality photos over the sheet cake. In order to print images on the top, the image quality must be the finest.

Small HutCake Shape Inspiration

Housewarming cake inspiration

House shape cake topper

Housewarming cake ideas

3-tier Housewarming cake

Housewarming cake ideas

Traditional sweet hut

housewarming cake idea

Decorated Hut cake

housewarming small cake idea

Tiny cute cake (Perfect for sheet cakes)

housewarming sheet cake design

Another beautiful Housewarming sheet cake design

housewarming sheet cake design

Modern roadside house cake design (if you have brought a apartment)

apartment housewarming party cake idea

Beautiful fonts to print on cake (ask your cake supplier to drip like this)

housewarming cake dripping design


Hey, tell us which cool name you would pick for the housewarming cake.

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