31 Housewarming mistakes and what to do to reduce them


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For a quick look, These are the possible tiny mistakes that anyone could do, which leads to housewarming party failure:

  1. No Sanitizing Arrangements
  2. Overlook small details
  3. Do not wipe out your entire pocket
  4. Forgot to attach RSVP details.
  5. Forgot to check the weather forecast.
  6. Do not set an odd timeframe for the housewarming party
  7. Forgot to buy room sprays.
  8. Make sure to have a party tent for the backyard housewarming
  9. Extra Ice is the savior
  10. Forgot to Re-check the guest list before sending invitations.
  11. Overeating or Overdrinking just before that party day
  12. Electricity backup
  13. Forget to Inform neighbors about Noise
  14. Attention guest’s not to drink too much
  15. Forget puke containers and other cleaning supplies
  16. Forget to Plan about insects and Mosquitos problem
  17. I do not want kids or Pets, but I forget to inform guests
  18. Forget about the party dress
  19. Check decoration lights on the same day
  20. Forget to take updates of extra workers/labors
  21. Forget to Contact guest’s whose confirmation is pending
  22. Ignore unexpected fire
  23. Faulty lift
  24. Too long housewarming party
  25. Forget to plan for wheelchair guests.
  26. Spend too much time on food and make things complicated
  27. Only consider Alcohols and forget about cocktails or soft drinks
  28. Gave too much importance on decoration and theme
  29. Forget to ask about gift receipt/bill
  30. Arrange every type of alcohol, not just beer and wine.
  31. Improper washroom arrangements

Recently brought a new home, well congratulations. Now excited to throw housewarming party?

You know the feeling…

When you have planned everything (food, menu, decorations etc.) and expected a nice successful party, but guess what some uncertain problem comes up, and then you think I must have planned for this, but it is too late now.

No further failed housewarming now. I have talked with many colleagues and friends and figure out some small mistakes based on their experience.

Also, I have listed solutions so that you will know how to tackle those unwanted situations in the party.

Ok, I need to shut now! Let’s jump to the article.

Table of Contents

Mistake 1: No sanitizing arrangements

As we know that 2020 is a bit harsh for all of us due to covid-19. There could be a 100% possibility that some of your guests hesitate to join a gathering.

But you should tell them there nothing to worry about! We have all the arrangements for the safety of the guests.

Arrange a big pack of sanitizer, and apply on every guest hands at the entry of the residence.


Buy a big bottle of sanitizer.

Appoint one of your family member to get the job done.

Mistake 2: Overlook small details

To make a party successful, every individual generally makes a to-do-list of tasks to manage tasks efficiently.

Despite the list, there are certain things which hit in our mind when we are actually implementing a plan.

We should also track or noted down these things for future parties.


Use any inbuilt notepad on your smartphone.

For android users, my favourite notepad is Colornote.

Google sheet.

Mistake 3: Do not wipe out your entire pocket

Indeed, no doubt throwing a party involves a lot of expenses.

Still, we always consider extra few bucks ($500-$1000) in case of any emergency comes up in an ongoing party for example supplies (table, chair, vegetables, fruits, plates, serving dishes, coolers and whatnot.)


Put extra $500-$1000 bucks for any emergency when planning a budget.

Mistake 4: Forgot to attach RSVP details.

RSVP is essential. Otherwise, your housewarming invitation remains useless.

Whether you are choosing a physical invitation card or digital method of invitation, always remember to attach RSVP details.


· RSVP to [Your name] at [Number/Email] by [Date]

· Please reply to [Your name] at [Number]

· The favour of your reply to [Your name] at [Number] is appreciated.

· A response by [Date] to [Your name] at [Number] would be greatly appreciated.

Mistake 5: Forgot to check the weather forecast.

Weather checking is the common thing people forget to thinks about, and it is essential for those who are planning to throw housewarming in the garden or backyard.

You never want that rain comes along with guests.


Check the weather forecast of a few days before the party date on any forecasting website.

Mistake 6: Do not set odd time frame for the housewarming party


If you are planning to celebrate in the day, schedule it after 12-1 Pm (including meals)

For night party the best timing is to start from 7-8 Pm (If the next day is supposed to be a weekend, you can schedule it a little bit late)

Mistake 7: Forgot to buy room sprays.

Imagine someone having bed stomach. You never want somebody spoils the whole party mood. Also, hang an odour bar in washroom too.

Bad smell, makes a wrong impression on the guest.


I think these are the best room sprays pack you can get online.

Mistake 8: Make sure to have a party tent for backyard housewarming

Yes, this is essential no matter what time you are celebrating. Tent saves you from the sunlight, rain, and insects at night.


Rent it or

Choose from these fantastic affordable party tents which are portable too.

Mistake 9: Extra ice is the saviour

Ice remains the most frequently used party item.

We usually have ordered in bulk from the ice supplier still there are 80% chances that we need extra ice. The best option to have a conversation with the supplier in advance for urgent extra ice.


The alternate solution is to purchase a portable ice maker which produce enough extra ice in a minimum possible time.

Mistake 10: Forgot to re-check guest list before sending invitations.

The probability of missing out any guest from the list is high.

Ask your family members, wife, kids if they want to consider someone you don’t know about. It is better to verify on the last moment before sending the invitations.

Mistake 11: Overeating or Overdrinking just before that party day

Do not eat like a horse just before the party day. Overeating or Overdrinking leads to unwellness and dizziness. It is awkward to cancel the party and say no to the guest on the last moment.

Because there are chances that few of the guest’s only schedule their work and time so that they can come and enjoy the party.

Mistake 12: Electricity backup

The whole party depends on electricity, right? Should have a backup such as a generator, candles, battery lights, solar panel etc.


Generally, if you wander around in the local market or take help of Google and search “rent generator” you will find the right hardware suppliers from which you can get on a low price.

Never buy a costly generator or solar panel for just party.

Mistake 13: Forget to inform neighbours about Noise

If you are celebrating at night and planning to set up a powerful DJ and bar, you should inform the neighbours; otherwise, it will lead to chaos.


Invite neighbor too. So they don’t get bothered.

Mistake 14: Attention guest’s not to drink too much

Housewarming consists of every type of guest, relatives and friends. You never want somebody to create an awkward scene in front of everyone by drinking too much alcohol.

It is a hell lot of embarrassment.


You should stick posters on the walls about drinking rules. So all guest will drink in a limit.

Mistake 15: Forget puke containers and cleaning supplies

Yes, it is useful too, especially for those guest who has a habit of over-drinking. Imagine someone puked around party hall or in the washroom?

It is so tacky! Destroy housewarming in seconds. Other than puke containers, you should have a decent amount of cleaning supplies such as paper towels, stain removal, etc. which could be useful if anyone spills wine or something on the carpet or the dress.


Buy a pack of disposable vomit bags. Mention about it on the drinking rules poster, so if someone wants to puke, they will take from you.

Mistake 16: Forget to plan about insects and Mosquito problem

If you celebrate in summer or the rainy season, the probability is high that insects would come to join your night housewarming party.


Buy mosquito killers

Mistake 17: I do not want kids or Pets, but I forget to inform guests

Yes, there is almost nothing to fun for kids in parties like housewarming. They are probably getting bored.

Still, if some particular guest urges you to bring kid because they might not have anyone to babysit their kids, then you should allow them.


Mention strictly about kids and pets on the invitation if you do not want them to be a part of your party.

Mistake 18: Forget about the party dress


Do not forget about yourself in the rush of planning about guests. Make sure to arrange the housewarming party dress you are going to wear.

Ask your laundry guy to deliver before the day of the party. Also if you are buying online, order at least 10-12 days before the party date.

Mistake 19: Check decoration lights on the same day

Always remember to check decoration lights at least 2-3 days before, if one of the pieces is defected arrange alternative light as soon as possible.

Mistake 20: Forget to take updates of extra workers/labors

Are you going to hire small workers/freelancers to manage party work?

Then you should take their confirmation 1-2 days before.

If they do not appear on the party day, it will be a mess you need to assign their tasks to somebody ask which is pretty hectic.

Mistake 21: Forget to contact guest’s whose confirmation is pending

There can be few guests in your list whose RSVP is still pending.

You should contact them last time 2-3 hours before the party if they supposed to come a little bit, so you get time to think about rescheduling activities.

Mistake 22: Ignore unexpected fire

Ignoring the possible fire could be extremely dangerous. The chances are even higher if you allow caterers to cook inside the home.

For a big party, lot’s of gas cylinders are required to make food which is the ultimate source of the fire.

To avoid or deal with these uncertain situations, arrange 1-2 fire extinguishers before the party.


Buy affordable fire extinguishers under $30

Mistake 23: Faulty lift

It is crucial to check whether lifts are working or not if you are celebrating housewarming in a high floor apartment.

For old folks, it is a disaster.

Mistake 24: Too long housewarming party

This is a widespread mistake an individual would make when planning a party schedule.

If you are providing a meal and aren’t including other activities, then your party should be ended in around 3-3.5 hours.

Mistake 25: Forget to plan for wheelchair guests.

Have a guest in your list who is handicapped? Then you should think about how they can access in your home.

Mistake 26: Spend too much time on food and make things complicated

Yes, food is a significant part of the party. But if you are confused, do not panic. Just consider food items you usually are serving in the meal.


Everyday food items for housewarming are Pizza, finger foods, grilled chicken, jalapeno cornbread, BBQ, nachos, grilled fish, stew, rice, fried pork chops etc.

Mistake 27: Only consider alcohols and forget about cocktails or soft drinks

There are chances in your list who are currently off to alcohol. Then what will you serve? Only Water?

No, right then include 3-4 big bottles of soft drinks and whatnot.

Mistake 28: Gave too much importance on decoration and theme.

Deciding and arrange decoration supplies according to a particular theme leads to a more extended party plan. There are chances that you would not find all stuff according to the theme.

Sometimes it is best to avoid theme.

Mistake 29: Forget to ask about gift receipt/bill

For the sake of being rude, if you aren’t providing gift registry, you can ask for gift receipt/bill which sounds much better.

Guest’s have invested their hard work to choose the best gift for you, if there is some issue in that so you can easily replace with the help of gift receipt.

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Mistake 30: Arrange every type of alcohol, not just beer and wine

Yes, everybody has their taste. As you know the majority of guests would like to drink beer or wine. But still, some young fellow loves to have vodka, gin, rum, tequila etc. in their glass.

Mistake 31: Improper Washroom Arrangements

If you aren’t shifted yet to your new house, there might be chances that you forget to fill the water tank or new faucet has some problems. Make sure to check at least once that every faucet of the washroom is working properly or not.



Even pin size mistake could cause trouble in the housewarming. It is best to take care of them as early as possible.

Now it is your turn to share your housewarming experience as well as tell us about any other mistake you made and how did you deal with them?

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