Housewarming Gifts Under $30 – 123 options to choose from

Last Updated: January 2021

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Are you looking for cheap housewarming gifts?


Are you getting tired by searching the internet for finding a perfect present for new homeowners?

Finding the gift to stand out among others is the very time-consuming part. There are millions of gift available on the internet.

But you should ask yourself a question before picking up any gift. The question is –

Does my gift make any sense to the new homeowners home?

I have seen people giving a gift such as watches, clothes etc. which is totally weird at housewarming event.There are plenty of things that new homeowners might need when moving out. Due to the recent expenses, right now, they are not in a position to make extra expenses on such things.

You should give a practical gift or in other words something which new homeowners need to have at their home. 

Getting my point?

In this article, you will be familiar with the 123 latest housewarming gifts that are trending on Etsy and Amazon. Each gift category has 3-6 handpicked gift items which are truly useful and unique for the housewarming event. For a quick look here is the list of 2021’s best housewarming gifts ranging between $5-$30:

  1. Key hook/Key rack 
  2. Jar
  3. Address plaque
  4. Sponge holder
  5. Trivet
  6. Flashlights
  7. Blanket
  8. Broom
  9. Trashbin
  10. Shovel
  11. Napkins
  12. Ziploc baggies
  13. Mug
  14. Coaster
  15. Bedsheet
  16. Candle
  17. Plate set
  18. Curtains
  19. Dispenser
  20. Lights
  21. Toilet paper holder
  22. Rope
  23. Shelf
  24. Pillows
  25. Knife
  26. Kettle
  27. Doorbell
  28. Paintings
  29. Shoe rack
  30. Wine rack
  31. Doormat
  32. Olive Oil

The special gifts are mentioned at the end of this list. I created a separate section which consists of 3 unique gifts. To directly jump on that section, click here.

Key Hook

Why Key hook is a good housewarming gift?

The key rack is a long-lasting gift. It can be hooked anywhere in the home. Also, these beautiful key holders make your home interior more decorative. I choose this as a gift because it is well suited to a new home, and it looks expensive, but it is not.

Gift-1 Vintage Arrow Hook

1. Metal Vintage Arrow Shaped Key Hook – by Riverside Bridal

  • The material used: Primer, Sandpaper, Polyurethane & Copper Paint 
  • Available in 19 colors (my fav is the old copper)
  • Beautiful antique gift for a new home. Makes your wall adorable
  • Handmade makes it perfect.
  • Dimension (H*W): 3*17 inches
  • Easy to hang light items such as keys, lightweight clothes.
  • Customer support is excellent. Responsive Seller.
Gift 2-Decorative handmade personalized key hanger

2. Decorative handmade “Personalized” Key hanger – by Aleksandra

  • The material used: Wood
  • Only last name can be customized
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Default size dimension: 5.5*5.5 inches
  • 5 stars rated and no-cost return facility provided by the Seller.
  • Have 4 hooks for keys
  • Affordable housewarming gift
Gift 3-Birds key hook

3. Birds key hook – Rust-free finishing – by Matt

  • The material used: Iron and metal
  • Available in 2 versions: coated and non coated (choose coated)
  • Give a beautiful decor look to the house
  • Available in only 1 colour
  • Dimension (H*W): 16*27.5 cm
  • Have 3 key hooks
  • 5-star ratings

Here you will find Prices of above items as well as some more varieties of Housewarming key hooks


Why Jar is a good housewarming gift?

Every new homeowner wants to have new utensils in their home. One of the utensils is a mason jar. Now the market has changed, the time has gone when Jar only used for storage. 

I mean the industry has changed, creative sellers just changed the look and feel of the mason jars, now jars not only used for storage purpose but they contribute to the interior of the home.

Let’s reveal the beautiful jars:

Gift -4 Rare Give a fuck jar

4. Rare “Give a fuck” Jar – by Janice

  • That was not just a jar; it is a decision-making jar.
  • Helps you to spend your precious fucks wisely.
  • Perfect for the office, home etc.
  • The material used: Glass, wood and jute.
  • Available in 3 variants. (1% filled, 25% filled or 100%
  • filled)
  • Capacity: 12 oz
  • Recommended gifts by thousand’s of buyers.
  • Always in high demand grab it today.
  • The gift wrapping option is available at checkout.
housewarming gift under $30

5. The cocktail shaker mason jar

  • Source: Amazon
  • Very useful in the kitchen. If your new homeowners most likely to have drinks or parties in their home, you should give them.
  • It is a unique jar made with high-quality glass and stainless steel and has an attractive exterior design.
  • Totally rust-free and dishwasher safe.
  • 32 oz capacity and has 3 pieces of stainless steel strainer lid.
  • The lid and filter on it are totally detachable.
  • Tell your homeowners to make a cocktail with this cool mason jar shaker at the housewarming night.
Gift-6 The Darken Moon Water Jar

6. The Darken Moon Water Jar — by Dani

  • The cork lid increases the beauty of the Jar dramatically.
  • The Jar is made up of glass and black matte vinyl.
  • The height is approximately 4.5 inches (with lid), and the width is 3 inches.
  • This magical moon jar has a 5 oz filling capacity.

Here you will find Prices of above items as well as some more varieties of Housewarming decorative Jars

Address Plaque

Why address plaque is a good housewarming gift?

Whenever somebody buys a new home, the first thing they will buy is address signboard for their home. The address plaque is 100% a practical gift for housewarming. The new homeowners will surely appreciate you and your choice of gift.

Note: Remember to ask the house number and address before placing order.

Gift-12 The 18 gauge Horizontal Address Plaque

12. The 18 gauge Horizontal Address Plaque — by Ray

  • The material used: Address plate comes with 18 gauge steel and powder coated technology.
  • Have an option to print both house number and street address/last name.
  • Available in black, silver and red colour.
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Inside the box, no screws or hooks are available.
  • The address plate can easily hang up with screws, hooks, etc
Gift -13 Vertical Address Plate - Powder-coated

13. Vertical Address Plate – Powder-coated by Ronnie

  • Only has the option to print the house number. You can print 5 digits maximum.
  • Available in red, silver and black colour
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Arrive in a cardboard box with lamination.
Gift 14 Horizontal House Number Plate

14. Horizontal House Number Plate by Ronnie

  • This powder-coated plate has huge fonts, unlike others.
  • The bar below the numbers makes it gorgeous.
  • Available in 3 colours and 5 sizes.
  • No address name supported.
  • Supported 5 digits at max.
  • Seller rated as a bestseller. Hence you will get excellent customer support.
Gift- 15 The Arrow Shaped Address Plaque

15. The Arrow Shaped Address Plaque by Ray

  • Available in 3 colours and 5 sizes variants.
  • This is my favourite among all because it is indicating clearly where the house is. Useful when your home is far from the road, and you place it in the front area of the house like on a mailbox.

Sponge Holder

Why a sponge holder is a good housewarming gift?

Needless to say, sponges, soaps, napkins are the daily use items we frequently buy from the market. These sponge holders not only just carry your sponges but also looks good in the kitchen, bathroom etc. Every item, whether small or big, could contribute to the home decoration.

Gift-16 The Shiny 2 in 1 Sponge holder

16. The Shiny 2 in 1 Sponge holder by Allan

  • The material used: Acrylic which lasts for years
  • 2 shelves provide more space for soap and sponges.
  • The topper shelf designed in such a way that no single drop of water can drain on the below rack.
  • New item on the market.

17. Mountain shaped Hand-crafted sponge holder by Natalia

  • The material used: ceramic, clay, glazes and terracotta.
  • Can be used as both a sponge holder and napkin holder.
  • It fits comfortably on the sink
  • The holder has made with quality and sturdy material, so there are very fewer chances of breakage.
  • It will deliver to you in a bubble wrap package.
  • 5 stars rated. You will hardly see a bad review.
Gift-18 Cactus Pottery Sponge Holder

18. Cactus Pottery Sponge Holder by Natalia

  • This product is another variant provided by the Seller who sells the above one.
  • Totally same quality and reviews. Just a shape difference between them.
Gift-19 House shape Sponge holder

19. House shape Sponge holder – by Natalia

  • This is the third variant in sponge holder provided by the same Seller. 
  • House shaped perfectly align with the housewarming party gift. 
  • Equal price.
Gift-20 The Unique Magnetic Sponge Plus Brush Holder

20. The Unique Magnetic Sponge Plus Brush Holder – by Line

  • The holder is completely detachable and moves without
  • any issue.
  • Comes in two colours: Black & Gray
  • Inside the box, you will find three things: 1. Plastic magnetic holder 2. sink backside magnets and 3. Sticker for magnet attachment.
  • For any confusion about instruction, seller display step by step process for how to place it over the sink at the product page.
  • The only thing you need to care about is the sink type. The magnetic holder support only steel, Corian and granite sinks. Make sure to choose the correct type at order placing time.


Why a trivet holder is a good housewarming gift? 

As you probably know that a table or counters in the home make a huge difference in terms of decoration. There are many ways to accomplish, and one of them is by placing these beautiful ceramic hot pads which also protect your tabletop from hot dishes.

Furthermore, these are inexpensive, easy to carry and totally appropriate to give as a housewarming gift.

Gift-21 The Mexican Style Tile Trivet

21. The Mexican Style Tile Trivet by Hollywood Homestyle

  • The material used: Hand-painted
  • Only available in 1 pattern: Red and bluish
  • Dimension: 6*6 inches (square)
  • Seller also provide gift wrapping
  • About washing instruction, Seller clearly states that this tile trivet can only be wash with the damp cloth with soft hands. They aren’t meant to go through the dishwasher.
Gift-22 The Round Shape Yarn Trivet

22. The Round Shape Yarn Trivetby Christina

  • Aren’t they beautiful?
  • Made up with nylon and cotton (50% each)
  • Each Trivet has a loop for hang and storage.
  • It can easily blend with any type of table.
  • Colours are available: orange, cream, grey and black.
  • For any other colour message seller. They provide customization on colour and size as well.
  • Size: 8-inch in diameter. The size is considerable, and it can accommodate great kitchenware such as larger bowls, kettle etc.
Gift 23-The Bright Color Trivet

23. The Bright Color Trivet by Jonna

  • Inside the box, you will find 2 pot stands.
  • The material used: Cork
  • The top of this Trivet can bear upto 145-degree celsius.
  • Easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Only 1 pattern is available, and the size of these small circular trays are 16 cm.
Gift-24 The Wooden Trivet

24. The Wooden Trivetby Ina

  • Serves as a combination of both Trivet and tray. 
  • Can easily hold larger platters and bowls.
  • Dimension: 10*16.5 inches (H, W)
  • Only available in 1 colour.
Gift - 25 The Mandala Printed Trivet

25. The Mandala Printed Trivet by Cihan

  • The material used: Ceramic, organic clay and natural paint.
  • Can carry every kitchen items like pot, Kettle, pans etc.
  • The trivet base has a foam layer attached that protects glass tables and counters from scratches and cracks.
  • Size: 7-inch diameter.
  • Top-rated Seller in terms of quality and customer support.


Why a flashlight is a good housewarming gift?

A flashlight is a vital tool in the house. But these flashlights are not just lightening your home but also give a vintage and antique feel in your house. I highly recommend these flashlights for housewarming. They look fantastic either inside the shelve or top of the wall rack.

Note: The vintage lights below are the rarest gift. Only 1 item is available in the stock. Nobody knows when it will disappear. Hurry Up!

Note: You may need to buy a pair of batteries similar to this in the case of vintage flashlights.

Gift-26 The 1970's France Flashlight

26. The 1970’s France Flashlight by Georgi

  • The material used: Metal and plastic.
  • Built around 1970 in France
  • Condition: Perfect; working with 4-5 bolt batteries.
  • Batteries are absent, but the bulb is present.
Gift-27 The 1950's Bulgarian Military Flashlight

27. The 1950’s Bulgarian Military Flashlightby Albena

  • Made with tin in the period of 1950.
  • Dimension (W*H): 4*21 inches.
  • The bulb is there inside the light, but the battery is absent.
Gift-28 The Purple Military Flashlight

28. The Purple Military Flashlight by Jordan

  • The material used: Metal and glass
  • Sold with the only bulb. You need to buy separate batteries. You can ask the Seller for the supported battery type.
  • The Seller has exact mention voltage about battery and the bulb at the product page.
  • Filters are available to switch green and yellow light.
Gift-29 1970's Vintage Light - Big Front

29. 1970’s Vintage Light – Big Front by Valentyn

  • Comes with a bulb, but the battery is not included.
  • Only 1 colour available: Silver
Gift-30 The Powerful Heavy-Duty Flashlight

30. The Powerful Heavy-Duty Flashlightby Alicia

  • The Seller provides an option to print a name on the flashlight. Use it as the new homeowners initial or last name.
  • Super bright glow upto 200 yards.
  • Support 3 settings: Max, medium and emergency.
  • Support only 1 AA battery.
  • Top-rated seller.


Why a blanket is a good housewarming gift? 

Blankets, Curtains, Mats etc. are the part of the new home accessories that everyone is looking for after moving. Why don’t you gift to your friend?

Gift-31 The Giant Knitted Wool Blanket

31. The Giant Knitted Wool Blanket by Woolexperts

  • The material used: 100% pure Merino wool.
  • Available in more than 10 colours and sizes. My favourite is black.
  • Machine wash supported but only with steam mode. See full washing instructions at the product page.
  • Eco-friendly gentle, cosy blanket.
Housewarming Gifts Under $30 - 123 options to choose fromHousewarming Gifts Under $30 - 123 options to choose from

32. The Superman Wearable Blanket — DC

  • Source: Amazon
  • The material used: 100% polyester
  • Available in all sizes (women, men and child)
  • Weight: 1.2 LBS.
  • This soft throw blanket supports both machine washer and dryer for comfortable cleaning.
Gift-33 The Realistic Tortilla Family Size Blanket

33. The Realistic Tortilla Family Size Blanketby Dakota

  • The Blanket has a single flannel layer which is totally skin-friendly.
  • For camping, sofa, travel wherever you use, this the blanket keeps you warm.
  • Make sure to wash with gentle cycle in cold water.
  • Available in 4 sizes (47,60,71,80 inches)
  • It is funny to say, but when you gift this Blanket to new homeowners tell them not to eat it when there is no food in the fridge.


Why a broom is a good housewarming gift?

Have you ever heard that Broom can be a great housewarming gift? No? 

Here I am not talking about an ordinary household broom. I am talking about the creative Broom which skyrockets the interior decoration level.

Gift-34 The Cinnamon Scented Witch Broom

34. The Cinnamon Scented Witch Broomby Nick

  • Inside the box, you will get the Broom and the cinnamon fragrance which immediately circulates in your new home.
  • The broom height is approximately 36 inches.
  • The Broom totally replaces the room freshener.

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